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439 Silver Creek Industrial Rd. Lakeshor
Ontario,N8N 4W2
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Company Description
In 1997, Ag-Tronic Control Systems had developed the first successful machine vision integration system for tray pattern recognition to interface with high-speed label applicators. In 2001, the most accurate labeling solution for tray packed cluster (TOV) tomatoes was developed along with the patented label applicator. Accu-Label was formed in 2002 to focus on providing solutions for the packaging industry's growing needs for high quality precision labeling systems. In 2008, to help comply with the PTI Initiative, Accu-label introduced their patented ORB-it G2® Print & Apply™ Labeling System.

In alliance with Ag-Tronic Control Systems, Accu-Label offers complete cutting edge solutions for:
Labelling – tray packed and individual on sizer/grader, available in Print and Apply Systems
Machine Vision Inspection – patented design for product inspection and label targeting
Grading and Sorting – English greenhouse cucumbers and custom designed solutions
Shrink Wrapping – English greenhouse cucumbers and specialty products
Packaging Automation – carton handling, transporting, check-weighing, printing, tracking
Complete Conveyor Systems – custom designs from start to finish

All solutions are completed in-house from design through manufacturing to installation and service.