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5452 Spellmire Drive
Ohio,West Chester,OH 45246
United States
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Ace Sanitary - Sanitary Hose & Fittings
Ace Sanitary was originally formed as Ace Manufacturing in 1969. Based in Cincinnati, OH,

the manufacturing and precision machining facility grew throughout the years as a specialized alloy machining organization. Through developing business relationships formed Ace Sanitary Inc. in 2004.
Ace Sanitary is a manufacturer and supplier of premium Flexible hose products for the sanitary and ultra-pure manufacturing markets. Through innovation and technology, Ace Sanitary has secured fitting technology patents that set us apart from all other sanitary flexible product manufacturers.
It is our focus to bring the highest quality product, combined with outstanding customer service and innovative thinking to the sanitary and ultra-pure manufacturers' door step.
With the assistance of quality distribution channels, Ace Sanitary provides our products and services to industries throughout  North America, Europe and Asia.
At  Ace, we believe in a FLEXBILE Hose products system,  which assists our manufacturers with identifying  a base line requirement, fulfillment and compliance to the applicable standard, reporting and measurement  for success.
It is the Ace focus for continued support and maintenance of this system for each of our clients.