Shanghai NaQuan Precision Equipment Manufacturing Co.,LTD.
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Nanqiao town Jin Xuan road No. 9 building 25
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Heiner on Precision Equipment Manufacturing Co. is committed to full food packaging, cans production line, high-precision end solid tank production line of spare parts localization and change lines engineered. Is a set of parts production development and marketing services in one of the specialized companies. The company is located in convenient transportation, the scenic coastal city of Shanghai - Fengxian.
The company always uphold the "integrity, professionalism, quality, win-win" spirit of enterprise culture, practice "has become China canned food and beverage industry's best equipment and service providers. Established brand in the industry." Vision, to assume a outstanding corporate social responsibility should be.
Our products covering all filling production line, the system covered production line, canning production lines; the main parts are: seaming wheel, indenter, Z-bar, upper and lower welding wheel, ceramics waist wheel, divided lid knife blade down 200-209, necking mold, mold core, disc cutters. Production of products covered by Switzerland, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Taiwan, and various domestic GB Series models. The company services customers currently have Wahaha, JDB, Dali Group, Crown, Baosteel Cans, COFCO and so on.
Currently most of the two-piece cans, three-piece cans, easy-open lid, crown caps, plastic caps and other production lines are imported from Europe and other countries. Mold parts production lines and equipment, spare parts and strong dependence on imports, high prices, long lead times, service lag, increased operating costs of production enterprises so that enterprises miserable. Heiner on the whole after years of careful research and development experience using excellent reverse mapping project. The introduction of advanced production technology; production of spare parts for custom materials; advanced enterprise management concepts. Providing customers with excellent products and technical services.
The company uses a powerful OA, ERP management system to effectively manage the production and marketing of all aspects of the process, enabling the company to be more professional, more efficient production and service; it continues to improve the degree of localization of spare parts, reduce dependence on imported spare parts, increase equipment availability, reduce the customer's production costs. To outstanding domestic food packaging, canning, bottling companies to provide the best service.