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    Allpax Saturated Steam Retorts are available for all types of products, from cans to raw food products such as potatoes. Allpax saturated steam retorts are capable of immersion and spray cooling with overriding pressure control as well as full vacuum cooling, depending on your requirements.

    The steam retorts are designed for even temperature distribution to deliver optimal come-up times.  With the standard saturated steam retorts from Allpax, there are several features.  The steam retort is available with continuous support by Allpax Engineers.  Optional flooded or heat exchanger cooling is also available.

    All of the saturated steam retorts are made with sever-duty construction, as well as quality components.  The electrical pneumatic panel attached to the retort is NEMA four rated complete with a 15-inch Allen Bradley color touch screen HMI.  The lengths on the steam retorts vary from one to eight baskets.  With the available Allpax Monitor control system, the steam retort is the perfect solution for meeting retorting needs.

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