Anton Paar
United States
    Monowave 450∶Automated Microwave-assisted Extraction




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    Monowave 450 is a modern microwave reactor specially designed for microwave-assisted extractions in analytical laboratories. Its 24-position autosampler MAS24 for 30 mL Wide-Neck vials provides unattended reliable operation and increases the sample throughput. The integrated camera allows watching on the touchscreen what is going on inside the vial any time.

    Key Features

    Performance without compromise

    850 W unpulsed microwave output power
    Extremely high field density
    Utmost temperature homogeneity
    Unattended operation with 24-position autosampler
    Special accessories

    24-position Autosampler
    Wide-Neck vials
    Optional fiber-optic temperature sensor
    Sample variety

    Environmental analysis (sediments, soil, waste)
    Material Testing (additives, plasicizers, oils)
    Food Testing (Fat content, pesticide residues…)
    Pharmaceutical Analysis (APIs, packing material)
    Petrochemistry (salinity determination)
    RoHS and WEEE Testing
    Standard Test Methods (EPA, ASTM)
    General benefits of microwave-assisted extraction

    Reduced overall process time
    Savings in solvent usage
    High reproducibility
    Software-controlled processing

    Being a full-range microwave reactor, Monowave 450 is not only suitable for a wide range of microwave extractions but can also be used for common microwave synthesis applications.

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