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    Stacking/DeStacking System
    The Priority One, a division of Busse/SJI, Stacking/DeStacking System is designed to stack and/or de-stack a wide range of products to any number of different configurations.
    The Stacking/DeStacking system handles a variety of products including heat shrink bundles, pallet loads, utilizes loads, and stackable loads. The system can be integrated into existing lines or included as part of a complete system from Busse/SJI.
    The Stacking/DeStacking Systes can be equipped with a wide range of material handling accessories including roller, belt, or chain conveyors. Also available are rotary turntables, 90 degree transfer conveyors, slip or tier sheet inserters and pallet magazines. Stacking/DeStacking Systems are typically used in production lines downstream of palletizing, heat shrink bundling or other processing equipment.
    The system can stack, de-stack or more specialized systems can be provided with automatic product count. Special sensors connected to PLC inputs can be utilized to allow the system to automatically stack and de-stack from varying numbers of incoming products and automatically discharge at any number of pre-programmed product counts.
    This is accomplished by the system cradling excess products above the load while discharging the correct counts. Once a full count is cradled above the load, it is gently placed on the conveyor, product or onto a pallet via an optional pallet magazine and discharged in the correct count
    • Stacking De-Stacking System
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