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    Stretch Sleeve Label Applicators ST-1500




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    Stretch Sleeve Label Applicators ST-1500

    Axon's Styrotech ST-1500 stretch sleeve label applicator is capable of labeling up to 30 CPM and containers up to 10 Liters (2.5 Gallons). This is a pneumatically operated stretch sleeve machine that only requires 8 CFM @ 80 PSIG. That combined with the standard 220V 5 amp electrical requirements make for a plug and go installation. Special air lines and wiring will not be required in most facilities.

    Features & Specs

    Versatile: Adapts to various container shapes and sizes

    Durable: Rugged tubular mainframe and covers constructed of high quality Stainless Steel

    Easy to Use: Simple, intuitive Operator Interface Panel (OIP)

    Reliable: Standard Allen-Bradley PLC provides best-in-class processing speed, proven long-term performance and world-class support

    Compact: Small footprint and easy to install over existing conveyor lines

    Quick Changeovers: Front loading film mechanism and easy access to components

    Multi-Language: English or Spanish

    Flexible: The ST-1500 is able to process quality LDPE stretch sleeve labels from any film supplier

    Dimensions in inches
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