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    equipped with a motorized gripping tool is especially designed for low-output applications of up to 300 bags/h.
    The demands made on low-output palletizers with regard to cost effectiveness are special. All of them are fulfilled by the G300 offering flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness due to the use of standardized components.
    In brief: The function of the palletizer G300
    The filled bag is taken by the motorized gripping tool and deposited on the pallet in the pre-set pattern. Manually adjustable aligning plates prevent the palletized bags from slipping when they are deposited.
    The machine is easy to operate via touch screen. For fast adjusting processes different palletizing patterns can be stored in the standard software of the palletizer.
    The palletizer G300 is available in 2 different variants:
    • Semi-automatic
    with empty-pallet feed and full-pallet discharge by pallet truck
    • Fully automatic
    with empty pallet dispenser and conveyors for the full-pallet discharge

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