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    Glacier Milk Tank




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    Harness the awesome cooling power of a Glacier

    Highest Quality Construction
    Tough and Durable
    Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel
    Smoothest Running System
    Precision Engineered

    1.Full size, permanently lubricated gear reduction agitator drives.
    2.Rigid agitator foundation is designed to withstand agitation forces that can be damaging to other coolers.
    3.Threaded agitator couplings for secure operation and ease of removal.
    4.Manhole with attached latches stands up or swings to the side for easy one-hand operation.
    5.Stainless steel exterior ladder
    6.A threaded stainless steel milk valve for added security
    7.Built-in wash system with permanently mounted wash pump for convenient and dependable cleaning
    8.High density, moisture resistant, foam-in-place polyurethane insulation is three times for effective than other types of insulation
    9.Oversized, contoured saddles provide maximum support
    10.High-density polyurethane isolation barrier between inner tank and support saddles prevents metal to metal contact and minimizes heat transfer
    11.Full size, heavy wall, stainless steel legs and leg holders for maximum stability and support
    12.Strongest, most efficient evaporator plate available in a dairy milk cooler
    13.Saddles are permanently attached to the inner barrel to ensure proper fit an alignment
    14.All internal refrigeration lines, fittings, and components are stainless steel
    15.Built-in wash system with permanently attached spray heads for convenient and dependable cleaning
    16.A solid, non-CFC, polyurethane insulation bond between inner and outer tank adds rigidity.
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