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    We have partnered with Stout Tanks and Kettles located in Portland Oregon to manufacture the tanks for our turn key brewing systems. Stout has added the necessary fittings to match our component connection requirements. All connection points are sanitary tri-clamp fittings. The tanks are drop shipped from Stout's warehouse to the brewery site.
    Hot Liquor Tanks:

    Electric element tri-clamp ports or steam jacketing
    Insulated & non-insulated available
    Tangential input is standard on our turnkey systems. This is used to recirculate the water to be sure the temperatures are consistent throughout the tank.
    Available with a raised HERMS coil.
    Site Glass
    CIP Port

    Mash Tuns:
    RIMS / HERMS heated for electric systems or steam jacketed
    Insulated & non-insulated available
    Perforated false bottom to 5bbl / wedge wire on larger sizes
    Available with a rake / plow on sizes larger than 5bbl
    Grist hydrators available on the larger sizes
    Circulation ports (double tri-clamps) are standard
    CIP Port
    Automated wort grant available

    Brew Kettles:
    Insulated & non-insulated available
    Tangential whirlpool port standard
    Site glass
    Condensate stack adapter available
    Condenser available
    CIP Port

    100% Stainless
    Sized to match the brewing tanks in your system
    Rear brackets for mounting the control panel

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