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    To control product quality, you have to control the process. The best way to control the process is by monitoring real-time process data. DataTrace® MPRF Temperature data loggers deliver the data from chilling, freezing and room temperature to pasteurization, EO sterilization and depyrogenation. MPRF Temperature data loggers provide accurate data over a wide range with remarkable ease; from as low as -80ºC to +400ºC. This makes it easy to monitor processes across a wide spectrum of temperatures in a variety of different industries and products.

    Real-Time product/process monitoring
    Ability to monitor 8,000 Data Points
    FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
    Accuracy over a wide temperature range

    Need a Stronger Signal or Longer Distance?
    Our MPRF repeater takes weak signals from within a process and repeats them to an MPRF PC interface. It can also be used to repeat a logger’s signal across long distances using one or more repeaters in a wireless chain to the PC host. The repeater is AC powered with a battery backup and works great placed inside a NEMA enclosure for harsh environments and long-term installation

    Introducing the DataTrace InTenna
    Getting a signal out of a retort or other steam sterilizer can be challenging. Use Mesa’s InTenna in conjunction with your DataTrace MPRF data loggers to strengthen real-time communication and data delivery.

    3 Reasons to Choose DataTrace

    Improve Quality
    The MPRF Temperature data logger provides accurate data to help you optimize food, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing processes. The closer the sensor is to the product, the more valuable the collected data; if this data is displayed in real-time, control and quality benefit dramatically. Mesa’s DataTrace®wireless data loggers easily fit inside or externally in a variety of packages, like an ethylene oxide ER pack during sterilization, to maximize accuracy and process validation. And since it is wireless and operates at low voltage, it is intrinsically safe for hazardous environments.

    Save Time & Money
    Part of DataTrace®‘s comprehensive solution, the wireless, real-time MPRF Temperature data logger requires minimal training to use. Features like IR communication and batch programming and reading makes data collection fast and simple. MPRF is a single, integrated solution which can be extended to simplify data logging of an array of process parameters. Furthermore, the system allows continued use of earlier DataTrace® Loggers so your investment is protected. At the heart of the solution is DataTrace®‘s intuitive and highly secure FDA 21CFR Part 11 compliant DataTrace Pro software. You can’t beat it for flexibility and ease of use

    Improve Productivity
    The MPRF Temperature data logger’s small design and intuitive, easy-to-use DataTrace Pro software makes it easy to integrate into your process greatly improving your productivity. No temperature monitoring system gives you more flexibility

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