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    Our intensive mixer is synonymous with optimum mixing technology:
    The EIRICH Intensive Mixer is known throughout the world. It replaced the ring trough mixer (1906) and the planetary mixer (1924), and over the course of its continuous further development it has become synonymous with optimum mixing technology. The outstanding feature of the EIRICH intensive mixer is that it separates the transportation of the mix from the actual mixing process.

    This results in numerous process design advantages which make EIRICH intensive mixers unique throughout the world and have led to them being used in over 300 branches of industry.

    The mixing pan can be arranged either horizontally or at an optimized angle of inclination to suit the particular requirements.

    Granulating* / Pelletizing / Agglomerating
    Kneading / Plasticizing
    Dispersing / Slurrying
    EIRICH Intensive Mixing Technology offers the following:

    The mixing tool can be run variably, at low or high speed
    The power input into the mix can thus be adapted specifically to the process material
    "Hybrid" mixing processes become possible, eg: slow - fast - slow
    High tool speeds allow, for instance
    fibers to be disintegrated optimally
    pigments to be ground perfectly, fine components to be mixed optimally
    suspensions to be produced with a high solids content
    Medium tool speeds allow high-quality mixtures to be produced
    Low tool speeds allow lightweight aggregates or foams to be mixed-in gently
    The mixer mixes without de-mixing effects; 100 % material circulation during one rotation of the mixing pan
    Optimal mixing effects without using high-speed rotating choppers
    Various consistencies can be processed in one and the same mixer
    Materials of any kind and consistency are prepared in short time and high quality
    Bonding agents and pigment amounts can often be reduced (better distribution)
    Scrap is reduced substantially
    Considerably less wear compared to other mixers
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