Ferrum Canning and Centrifuge Technology (Kunshan) Co. Ltd.
    Can seamer for beverage industry F18




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    Ferrum can seamer F18 for aluminium beverage cans as well as steel and plastic applications. Capacity range of 850 to 2500 cans per minute.
    Entire seaming area in stainless steel
    Quick changeover system for a quick format change
    Automatic speed-dependent undercover gas flow regulation
    Utility tower and integrated cleaning system for most stringent hygiene requirements
    Increased precision for applications with light-weight cans and end material
    Easy operation and cleaning
    Minimal effort required for maintenance
    24-hour non-stop operation
    Maximum safety for the operating personnel

    The can seamer F18 is equipped with the following standard features:
    Synchronized infeed table
    Quick changeover system for a quick format change
    Complete tool including seaming roll Easy Rider
    Undercover gassing automatically regulated
    Bubble breaker
    Disengageable and quick adjusting seaming cam 2nd OP
    Electric oil pump with loss-free progressive centralized lubrication and oil flow monitor
    In-motion-timer, motorized
    Slow motion, motorized
    Motorized can height adjustment with digital display
    Interior illumination of machine
    Integrated cleaning system
    Cleaning system for infeed table
    2 end feeds
    Filler drive with overload clutch
    Chain drive with spring clutch
    Air treatment unit (compressed air system)
    Can discharge table incl. discharge turret and deflection wheel
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