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    MOD: BMT-AZ/1L-B
    Machine Character:
    This BMT-AZ/1L-B labeling machine is applicable to label cylinder/round bottles with non-orienting for wine, food, drinks, pharmaceuticals and daily chemicals etc..
    In the labeling station is equipped with German LEUZE sensitive labels sensor and high precise servo motor to control the labels.
    Adopt vacuum drum to pick up the label and stick it. In the vacuum belt is equipped with limiting stopper, it can avoid the labeling error made by common belt pressing labels, especially solving the
    overlap joint irregularity referring to the labels with big width.
    No bottle - no label, providing labels is precise, and labeling is perfect.
    Adopt PLC, and is equipped with famous touch-screen, the operation interface is easy. It is easy to operate.
    The machine does not need the compressed air. The structure of machine is simple, compact. It is easy to be operated and maintain.
    Using screw dividing bottle device. No change parts are required for different bottle sizes. The speed of the in-feed, relative to common dividing device, it can increase the speed and stability.
    Carbon steel structure is handled by twice anti-rust, on the surface is covered by good AISI304 stainless steel. The whole machine has the good stability and can be durability.
    Technical Parameter
    Model: BMT-AZ/1L-B
    Production speed: 60m/min
    Labeling tolerance: ±0.5mm(Regardless of the package material error)
    Wide range of labels: the Max. width 360mm, the Max. height 280mm
    Bottle diameter: Ø 50-150mm
    Labels roll dia.: Inner dia.76.2mm, Max.350mm
    Outline size: L2500 ×W900 ×H1300mm
    Weight: about 300 kg
    Power supply: 380V/50HZ   1.15kw
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