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    Pallet and standard specifications
    • Pallet prerequisites: 
    Size/range 40" to 44"W  x  48" to 56"L      
    Max weight: 3000lbs
    Elevation: 44" to the bottom of the top layer of bottles
    • Construction:
    Frame: heavy duty carbon steel (welded and powder coated silver)
    Contact surface: Stainless Steel
    Push paddle assembly: lift and return ball bearing and hand wheel crank
    Side frame: Adjustable black H.D.P.E. sidewall
    • Conveyor included on standard and deluxe models
    Customer conveyor will sit next to GR-X conveyor (as shown in drawing above).  Transfer can be side to side or end to end.

    Options and add-ons
    • Integrated lifting carriage
    1. Four post cable lift system built within the frame
    2. Eliminates the need for an independent lift
    3. Operator pendant for up/down controls
    4. Integrated drive assembly includes motor-control
    5. 4000 lbs capacity
    • 60" pallet stacker/lift
    1. Carbon steel frame with fully enclosed, electrically-driven hydraulic lift system provides reliable performance
    2. Tethered remote pendant allows operator access to all system functions from a single location
    3. Secondary 12-volt deep-cycle battery, bench-top charger, and power quick disconnect included for extended runtimes
    4. Dual caster-mounted floor brakes, integrated limit switches, and sealed hydraulic system maximize operator safety
    • GR-X table top conveyor - can be customized and integrated into your system
    • Custom powder coated color on frame - have you equipment color match your own unique company style!
    • Printed customer logo on side panels
    • Row stripping mechanism - single filer for non-round applications
    • Built to your specifications
    1. Powder coated stainless, or stainless washdown
    2. Can be integrated into your current production line both mechanically and electrically
    3. Custom solutions available

    • Manual Bulk Depalletizer
    • Manual Bulk Depalletizer with Integrated Lifting Carriage
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