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    Our offered Empty Tin And Iron Can Washer applies to every kind of wide-mouth empty can and empty bottle, the empty cans and bottles get to the production line after depalletizing to be emptied and washed. At the same time, wash and drain the cans and bottles with water spray through decreasing the slope or magnetic hand-stand rolling. A perfect multifunction mechanism, taking the place of manually washing method and traditional semi-automatic washing device, can save manpower and increase the production effect greatly.

    Standard Configurations:
    1. Automatic continuous washing function.
    2. Automatic hand-stand drain empty function (wash with water spray 
    on the previous semi-period, and drain on the latter semi-period).
    3. Configure stainless steel cases to collect hot water and backflow devices.
    4. Decreasing the slope to wash applies to wide-mouth tin can, aluminum can, glass bottle.
    5. Magnetic hand-stand rolling washer can adapt to every kind of wide-mouth tin can 
    with different diameters and heights automatically. There is no need to adjust the device when produce different can types.
    6. It is possible to choose hot water-steam heat exchanger, automatic adjustment device 
    with showed temperatures and hot water pressure flushing pump.
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