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    A complete product line of stands is available including mobile, floor- and wall-mounted for use with IKA agitators and overhead dispersing machines type ULTRA-TURRAX®. Lifting and lowering can be done with either a manual hydraulic pump or an automated electro-hydraulic pump. On request, the stands are equipped with a swivel bracket for angle adjustment of the mixing machine. To secure a working vessel, an adjustable fasting device is offered. Electric lockings make sure that the stirrer or disperser can only be operated when it is emerged into the vessel and the vessel is firmly fixed. For use in food and pharmaceutical production, GMP-conform stainless steel stands are available as well. The important information about the design of IKA stands is included in their denomination: S – Stand, F – Mobile, W – Wall, B – Floor, H – Hand Pump, A – Automatic, E – Electric Motor Advantages of IKA stands:

    Suitable and reliable support for IKA stirrers and overhead dispersers from one source
    Reliable support in combination with compact design
    Flexible choice of the stand type for use with mobile or fixed working vessels
    Ex-proof versions are available
    GMP-conform executions on request

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