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    JetAir Technologies' Integrated Drying System Helps Major Medical Company Meet European Safety Standards

    Pall Medical, a major medical supplier based in Southern California, approached JetAir Technologies about supplying a system that could dry a new blood collection bag they had developed.

    The new bags were scheduled for use in both North America and Europe and the medical company was searching for a viable solution to meet the rigorous safety standards necessary in the medical industry. After sterilization, the bags must be completely dry to avoid any mold or contamination that can arise after the bags are packaged and shipped.

    Pall's engineers had initially decided to use a large, spiral heating oven to dry the bags in addition to the JetAir system. Using samples of the actual collection bag, JetAir engineers created a series of comprehensive drying tests to demonstrate to Pall that the JetAir system could do the whole job by itself. The superior performance and efficiency of JetAir High-Speed Centrifugal Blowers and Air Knife drying systems enabled Pall to save tens of thousands of dollars in up-front capital expenditures and even more in energy operating costs each year.

    In addition to simply providing drying equipment, JetAir created a complete, integrated solution to handle an application that did not previously exist. The JetAir team worked closely with Pall's engineers to provide a custom table-top conveyor, including an in-feed chute and collection table for the bags,to be used with the drying tunnel. To meet Pall's noise requirements, the JetAir design team added a whole host of modifications to the standard tunnel system including additional sound dampening lining, noise siverting shields, and silencer housings on the entrance and exit to the tunnel.

    "This really demonstrates our growing ability to go above and beyond in terms of providing innovative solutions to our customers," reports Scott Lynn, who acted as lead on the blood bag project.

    Pall reports being very satisfied with the new drying system. "We are very happy with the JetAir equipment. It works very well and does exactly what we want it to." says the lead engineer for the Blood Collection Team at Pall.
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