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    LP2 Multiple Tank Digital Indicator




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    •  8 Tank Multiple Channel Capacity
    •  Operator Interface Display & Keypad
    •  RS-485 Multidrop Communications

    LP2 Multiple Tank Indicators expresses tank level directly in engineering units. Referencing a capacity profile to correlate transmitter output to actual tank geometry, the indicator formats the resulting value directly as the total weight or volume of liquid in the tank. LP2 Multiple Tank Indicator provides an operator interface keypad for access to function selection and density adjustments. There are no user conversion factors involved or scaling points to enter. All application details are factory programmed into an innovative nonvolatile modular memory called the Datapack iButton.

    LP2 multiple tank indicators accept up to eight input channels that receive proportional 4-20 mA signals from liquid level transmitters. The actual sensor used to detect hydrostatic pressure created by liquid depth can be either electronic or pneumatic (using an electronic pressure transmitter to convert the sensor's pneumatic signal into 4-20 mA output).

    LP2 multiple tank indicators can be used to eliminate analog I/O at your PLC or PC-based control system. As data acquisition hubs, each LP2 tank level indicator provides multiple point serial communications. An expandable network of up to 32 discrete indicators can be installed on a single two wire network (RS-485) for total of 256 possible input channels. Dual serial ports support multiple network configurations including query-response communications with a computer (or PLC), remote satellite displays, or interface to a KING-GAGE® LP3 system.
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