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    The TS Series hydraulic lift is our patent product which holds high reputation and market shares. To meet the needs of various clients, we have developed a new generation of the TS-A and TS-B chain drive lift.
      TS-A and TS-B Series chain drive lifts are suitable for lifting and dumping the PET bottle preform on beverage container production line. They are essential on PET bottle production lines. They can also be used in other applications, e.g. lifting and dumping of bulk materials.
      This lift is designed with chain drive mechanism, which will directly drive the hopper to lift. It is advantaged in simple structure, easy maintenance and reduced contamination.
      The dumping angle of this lift is up to 40°, resulting in highly enhanced dumping capacity.
      To ensure safety and high reliability, it is provided with overcurrent protection and double limit protection.
      TS-B Series Lift is also installed with optical grating door, but eliminating the original guard door. The optical grating door can ensure that when any object larger than the fist passes the door, the machine will be locked until the foreign object withdraws and the machine is reset. Only after that the machine can continue to run. The entire electrical line features in simple layout and easy maintenance.
    Technical Parameters of TS-A and TS-B Series Lifts
    Lifting Height: TS18A: 1800mm  Mechanical safety door
             TS21A: 2100mm  Mechanical safety door
            TS18B: 1800mm  Optical grating door
             TS21B: 2100mm  Optical grating door
    Lifting Capacity: ≤500kg (The lifting height may be tailored to the user’s needs).
    Input Power: 380V, 3-phase 4-wire, 50HZ
    Motor Power: 1.5 KW
    Lifting Speed: 37mm/sec
    Suitable Preform Size: 1080X1080X1100 mm (L × W × H)
    Complete Overall Dimension: TS18A: 2940×2124×2668mm (L× W × H)
                    TS21A: 2940×2124×2968mm
                    TS18B: 2824×2124×2668mm
                    TS21B: 2824×2124×2968mm

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