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    TS series lifts are mainly used in food, beverage and PET bottle making industries. They are used for lifting and conveying the bottle preform on the production line of beverage bottles. They can also be used for lifting and conveying other products of corresponding volume with a total weight not over 500 Kg. They are also the machine on your top choice to relieve work intensity, enhance productivity and ensure the product quality.
      A TS Series lift consists of a hydraulic cylinder, a pump station, a hopper, a frame and an electrical control box. After feeding of the materials into the hopper of the lift and start of the protection device, the operator may start the machine, so that the hopper will move upward at a constant speed to the discharge height. At this position, the hopper will automatically tip over and dump the materials out from the hopper outlet. In this case, the machine automatically completes the lifting, overturn and dumping operation.
    Technical Parameters of TS18 and TS21Lifts
    Max.Lifting Weight: 500 kg
    Lifting Height (Discharge Height): TS18: 1850mm  TS21: 2100mm
                      The lifting height may be tailored to the user’s needs.
    Suitable Preform Size: 1080X1080X1100 mm (L X W X H)
    Lifting Speed: 37mm/sec
    Motor Power: 1.5 KW
    Overall Dimension: TS18: 2370X1670X2350mm (L X W X H)  TS21: 2370X1670X2650mm
    Total Weight: TS18: 1950 kg TS21: 2020kg

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