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    The Universal Screener provides a reliable way to screen a variety of materials. Its rugged construction allows for trouble-free screening with very low-maintenance requirements. Other accessories make this screening unit easy to use and operate.

    The Universal Vibrating Screen is an effective way to screen a multitude of applications, including wet, damp, sticky, dry, and dewatering uses. Its versatility stems from a simplistic design that creates all-over vibration for even distribution of amplitude, eliminating dead areas.

    The side-tensioned screen panels are easily installed and changed for screening without costly downtime. Woven wire cloth screens can be woven in-house with many standard meshes available for quick deliveries.

    The vibrating screener can be manufactured to meet your exact screening needs. Screeners are available in both carbon and stainless steel along with dust enclosures for dry screening applications.
    Simple and effective design
    Side-tensioned screen panels
    Can be constructed of stainless or carbon steel
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