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    The PCE series battery puller utilizes three separate power systems, all working together to create optimum performance. The first system is an AC-controlled gear reduction drive system. This system incorporates a computerized SEW Eurodrive™ motor inverter that controls braking, drive speeds, and torque settings.

    The raise/lower power system of the PCE uses two additional Eurodrive™ motors—running in parallel—to raise and lower the carriage on the four-point rack-and-pinion upright system. The final power system drives the hydraulic components of the unit, such as the carriage conveyors and pivot arm assembly.

    By using its three power units together, the PCE is able to offer 100% true multi-function control. This control means that the operator can travel, raise the carriage, and manipulate the vacuum arm simultaneously...without any loss of performance.

    MTC PCE Multi-Level Power Changer Features:

    Can be converted from a double stacking machine, up to a six-high machine

    Multi-function center joystick on control panel allows the operator to move the pivot arm in eight directions, as well as to control left and right functions

    Use battery attachment with magnet or vacuum

    Carriage roller conveyors controlled with a joystick on the control panel

    PLC-controlled battery safety lock system prevents the operator from discharging a battery off the carriage unintentionally

    Dead-man operator platform of the PCE allows full access to the control panel and allows operators to easily position themselves during each battery change

    Designed for a heavy duty cycle—up to 300 battery changes per day.
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