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    The PCHE2 Series Multi-Level Power Changer™ is designed for high-capacity applications requiring 20-250 battery changes per day. The simultaneous travel and lift functions allow for fast, efficient battery changes averaging less than two minutes each. A 15 HP hydraulic pump with a 7.5-HP/5.6 kw electric drive motor generates a travel speed of up to 225 fpm/69 mpm on this machine. The lift and travel functions are separate, and the machine can perform both simultaneously without any slowdown. This super-smooth, reliable SEW Eurodrive system is the same type utilized on the PCE systems. As a result of the separate drive and lift systems, the machine can maintain a lifting speed of 24 fpm/7 mpm while traveling and lifting simultaneously. This is one reason why the PCHE2 multi-level model is among the most efficient machines on the market today.

    MTC PCHE2 Multi-Level Power Changer Benefits:

    Saves valuable facility floor space

    Ergonomic multi-function controls allow the operator to easily and safely perform battery changes

    Greatly reduces the time required to complete a battery change

    Magnet or vacuum provides reliable, powerful, and consistent battery attachment

    PLC and redundant safeties prevent the unintentional discharge of a battery from the carriage
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