Permanent magnetic filtering device




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    Permanent magnetic filtering device

    Permanent magnetic coolant filtering devices are used to filter and clean FE particles automatically from contaminated coolants (emulsions, aqueous solutions as well as cutting and grinding oils) accumulating at the processing machines.

    The coolant to be cleaned must be run settled (laminarly) over the entire width of the feeder, since this achieves a high degree of filter efficiency. The coolant passes the magnetic roller in radial direction. The FE particles and particles adhering to the ferromagnetic parts are attracted and discharged by the rotating rollers. The adjustable stripping plate is positioned diagonally on the roller and allows the carried liquid to flow back while the particles are removed from the roller dropping into the collecting tank. Our compact, space-saving plants ensure an extremely high functional duration while being virtually maintenance.

    Cleaning the coolant has the following advantages:

    Improving the workpiece surface and dimensional accuracy
    Extended service life of tools and grinding discs
    Minor reject rates
    Less frequent renewing of coolant lubricants
    Skin diseases are prevented
    Lines no longer clog
    Pump wear is minimised
    Permanent magnetic filtering devices of the series consist of:

    a stable and robust special steel housing
    a feeder with an adjustable baffle plate
    a magnetic roller with powerful permanent magnets
    an adjustable gap narrowing sheet controlling the flow efficiency and the filtration result
    an adjustable, wear-resistant stripping plate
    a maintenance-free worm gear motor
    Deviating from our standard plants, accessories and special designs are available.
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