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    - BESTechnology is a project Automation & Engineering patent -

    Shrinkpackages are established, not only in the beverage industry. They are usefull but because of the system the package has two shrinking holes, the so called bulls eyes, which appears unattractive.

    For an enhanced packaging and to close the bulls eyes BESTechnology is out now.

    BEST a further innovation from project

    BEST [Bulls-Eye-Sealing-Technology] closes the ugly and annoying bulls-eyes, which are acrueing by producing the shrinkpackage.

    By using BESTechnology a fully closed, stable and attractive package is formed.

    BESTechnology machines can be easily integrate into existing production lines. Equiped with two application heads both bulls eyes will be closed.

    Homogeneous, attactive and eco-friendly packages

    To stabilize bigger packages of cans carton pads are used.

    These pads are expensive, the total packaging costs are high. Although the disposal of the two packaging materials is complicate and the environment is much more bonded. The investment in an additional machine and production process is high.

    But with the innovative and unique BESTechnology the carton pad is not needed any more. BEST puts a tape over the bulls eye and stabilizes the the bundle. The costs of the second packaging material and the machine could be saved. The package is homogenous.

    The new benchmark in shrink packaging

    The enhanced package can be equiped with a side mounted carry handle for an easy handling and added value for buyers.

    Carry handles at the side do have the advantage to make the handling of heavy and bulky packages much more easy, then carry handles at the top.

    With a carry handle packages with bigger dimensions and weights do have no buying barrier any more.

    The side mounted carry handle is fit over one bulls eye. Now it can happen that the products in the package could slip, when the package is carried.

    Now, to stabilize the package BESTechnology applies a tape over the bulls eye which is not covered by the carry handle.

    The unattractive and inefficient hole is closed and the package is stabilized.

    An attractive, stable and environment friendly package with an added value for the customer is produced.

    Even by taking out products out of the package.

    Additional space for marketing purposes

    By closing the bulls eye addtional space for marketing purposes accrues. It can be transparent or printed.

    Avoiding defilement and destroyment of single products

    The closing the bulls eyes avoids defilements of each single product in the package. The products are hygienic and safe.
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