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    XT-K180 Full-automatic Film Strapping Machine




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    Operating principle:

    1 Boxes enter box- accumulating shell via conveying belt.
    2 Box-pushing cylinder starts to push boxes onto upper plate from box-accumulating shell when boxes reach set number and draws box-strapping film at the same time. Box-pushing cylinder will go back after box-pressing plate compresses boxes.
    3 Upper heat-sealing plate starts to run after box-pushing cylinder goes back. Box-strapping film is being drawn and compressed while box-pushing cylinder is going back, next, bottom heat-sealing begins to cut and heat-seal box-strapping film.
    4 Upper and bottom heat-sealing cylinder reset after finishes heat sealing, that is to say, one box strapping is finished.
    5 After the resetting of box-pushing cylinder, box-peaking cylinder starts to work at once. Box-stacking will be finished after upper and bottom cylinders reset, then the next time of box strapping will begin.

    Product introduction
    2、Overview: this machine runs stably and is easy to operate with the use of imported electrical elements, PlC control system and human-machine operation surface, used to strap combinedly products packaged with boxes in food and medicine industries.

    Technology parameters:

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