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    articulated, tower
    Operational mode: automatic

    Other characteristics: telescopic

    The APS 1550 P ERGON is a 3 in 1 system that integrates, inside the central column’s structure, the palletizing, empty pallets feeding and interlayer insertion steps, i.e. the three operations usually performed by separate machines inside their own dedicated space. The integration of these three functions in the central column is made possible by a series of technical innovations devised by SMI designers. Specifically, the horizontal beam on which the layers loading head runs was fitted with a telescopic guides system that allows the beam to move faster on its transverse axis. 

    In this way, the side of the column that remains clear when the packages are inserted into the loading head is exploited by the Smipal system to house the SCARA-technology mechanical unit that manages the flow of pallets and the insertion of the interlayers. This unit essentially consists of an articulated horizontal arm the far end of which is fitted with a gripper for grasping the pallets and a suction cups unit for handling the cardboard interlayers. The arm moves both vertically, sliding on the central column to pick up and release the pallets and interlayers, and horizontally, to transfer the pallets and interlayers from their magazines to the palletizing pallet.
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