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    Our response to your requirements:
    highest detection safety for inspection of bottle wall, bottom, mouth, thread and residual liquid
    performance up to 65.000 bottles glass/PET per hour
    complete (!) 360° inspection by unique light optical equipment and multiple picture analysis
    digital camera and picture analysing system at the lastest technology
    lowest maintenance and bottle change efforts
    integrated bottle and optics cleaning system
    all relevant units accessible from the front side, spacious broken glass area without the typical table base of minimized cleaning efforts
    most modern touch screen technology performing best user and analysing convenience, touch screen monitor movable
    easy to learn, easy to understand
    all components designed for highest robustness and durability
    modular inspection system requiring minimal space
    UNICHECK III – a modular product spectrum:
    Side Wall Inspection I (transmitted light principle)
    Side Wall Inspection II (transmitted light principle)
    Bottle Mouth Inspection (dark field illumination)
    Bottom Inspection (bright field illumination)
    IR-Residual Liquid Inspection
    HF-Caustic Control
    Inner side wall, thread or additional bottom inspection
    UNICHECK III – technical concept:
    empty bottles lineary led by 2 laterally disposed driving belts of a special design (foam coated) performing high durability
    2 independantly controlled servo driven belts obtain optimal linear and rotational bottle movement for all operational conditions so as easy increase or decrease of bottle distances, easy machine clearing a.s.o.
    unique side wall inspection modul with 2 high resolution high quality and most modern CCD-cameras. Smart optical system including modern LED light sources, very special mirror and lense systems realizes bottle observation really from all sides providing brillant pictures. These are the perfect base for highest detection safety !
    double inspection of residual liquid by HF and by temperature stabilized IR sensors.
    consequent use of quick adjustment mechanismus, ergonomical on screen parametrizing and intelligent bottle and production data base will minimize your efforts for bottle or process change.
    a complete modular structure of UNICHECK inspection system keeps you free in your decisions about EBI innovation in your embottling lines.
    By the extreme compact design you can locate the system without many changes of your existing line – even close to a wall of your building.
    UNICHECK III – features of use:
    high quality industrial PC technology in water proof housings, Windows NT based data system
    most ergonomical graphical user surface with large touch screen buttons providing windows for machine configuration, bottle data, parametrising of the optical systems, on line process data indication, data calculation and diverse statistics
    most simple teach in of all inspection criteria and quality data by use of latest picture analysing software and ultra high speed picture data processing
    clear graphical data analysis and statistics, selectable by inspection criteria, time period and lots of further issues required by the line or quality management of your plant
    clear trouble and alert indication for quick locating & corrective action
    ready confected interfaces for external line data input, line actors and master computer output
    remote control by modem or internet, detailed help functionality
    Technical Data
    Nominal capacity (adjustment: + 20%)
    Typ 100: Bottles up to Ø 70: max. 65.000/h
    (no sw-insp.) Bottles up to Ø 100: max. 45.000/h
    Typ 200: Bottles up to Ø 70: max. 35.000/h
    (1 Sw-insp.) Bottles up to Ø 100: max. 25.000/h
    Typ 300: Bottles up to Ø 70: max. 65.000/h
    (2 Sw-insp.) Bottles up to Ø 100: max. 45.000/h
    Bottles Ø 50 – 110mm, Bottle height 150 – 350mm
    Detection safety (survey data):
    Side wall: > 99% ref. to objects of > 6x6mm
    Bottom: > 99% ref. to objects of > 3x3mm,
    99% for folio like pieces > 5x5mm
    Mouth: radial defect > 97% for > 2mm;
    edge defect > 90/95% for > 3x5mm
    Thread: > 90(95)% for defects > 4 (8)mm
    Residual Liquid: > 99,5% for filling height > 3mm
    Electrical, electronical, optical system
    SPS Siemens S7 (standard, others on demand), Profibus, ASi-Bus, Ethernet
    camera resolution 644 x 492, optional 1024 x 1024
    Ressource data
    400 V / 3 Ph.+N+PE / 4 KW
    compressed air: 4 bar;
    water input: 3/8″ (on demand)
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