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    New Innovation! The Ornamental Embossing Stainless Steel Tube

    Stainless steel grade 304 NIKEL 8 %

    Satisfy interior and exterior design for doors, fences, balconies, furnitures, window frames, and bathroom accessories.

    Fromour continuous commitment in research and product development, with regard to environmental protection, energy efficiency and maximum performance; Toyo Millennium Co., Ltd. has succeeded in manufacturing embossing stainless steel tube with artistic beauty, practical utility, and propitious meanings emblem in the brand "WEALTH".


    1. Koi Scale

    There is an ancient legend, which tells how the Koi
    that succeeded in rising to fall at one point called
    Dragon Gate will become a dragon. Koi became a
    symbol of the aspirations and progress.

    2. Flora

    Flora symbols represent the natural nectar that brings
    growth, fulfillment and new, prosperous beginnings
    into our lives. These are utilized for good fortune and

    3. Bamboo

    Bamboo is a symbol of Oriental beauty. It represents
    the character of moral integrity, resistance, modest
    and loyalty. For thousands of years, artists of
    generations praise bamboo in the name of this spirit.

    4. Spike

    In many communities, there is usually a goddess or
    mother figure associated with rice. Rice is revered as
    ‘Mother Rice’ she promises those who come to her,
    what a mother gives naturally and freely food.

    5. Spriteline

    The connections design of unity refers to the states
    that we go through in life, the different stages in our
    life at different times. We all face our own set of trial
    and tribulations, furthermore with our goodness spirit
    and fortitude finally we able to achieve success and

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