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    Applications of the Venturi tube
    Power generation
    Oil production and refining
    Water treatment and distribution
    Gas processing and transmission
    Chemical and petrochemical industry

    Special Features of the Venturi tube
    Suitable for liquid, gas and steam flow measurement
    Accuracy ≤ ±0.5 % of actual flow rate
    Repeatability of measurement 0.1 %
    Ensure the lowest pressure loss in the family of primary flow elements
    Calibration may be performed if required

    Description of the Venturi tube
    Traditional Venturi tubes are differential pressure flow elements which correspond to the specifications of the ISO 5167-4 & ASME MFC-3M standards with respect to the geometric dimensions, surface finish and installation conditions.

    The Venturi tube consists of a constricting inlet element, which is followed by a cylindrical element and a conical exhaust section (“diffuser”). The diffuser section allows the medium to regain almost all of its original pressure.

    The main advantage of a Venturi tube over other differential pressure flow measuring instruments is the higher pressure recovery and the lower upstream and downstream straight tube length requirements.

    Due to the fact that a major part of the output pressure is regained, the Venturi tube is particularly suited for the measurement of flow rates in systems with a low pressure differential. Thanks to the low pressure loss the cost of pumping the medium can be reduced to a minimum.

    Depending on the tube diameter, Venturi tubes are made out of welded sheets or machined from bar stock or forgings and are available for flange or weld-in fitting in various materials for tube sizes from 50 ... 1,200 mm.

    Besides traditional Venturi tubes, the extensive WIKA portfolio of primary flow elements also includes orifice plates, standard orifice plates and measuring flanges, meter runs, flow and Venturi nozzles and also averaging pitot tubes.

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