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    Advantages and Benefits
    The INDAG sugar dissolving units facilitate the residue-free production of liquid sugar. The outstanding features include:

    Residue-free dissolving
    A circulating dissolving system guarantees a quick and continuous dissolving of the sugar crystals.

    Product quality
    In order to guarantee constant product quality, the brix nominal value is constantly measured and controlled with an in-line refractometer.

    Range of performance
    The INDAG sugar dissolving units are perfectly suited to high performance requirements.

    In addition the INDAG sugar dissolving unit Indag HD-Conti SDP stands out due to:
    Energy-saving processing
    With the pasteurizer incorporated in the INDAG HD-Conti SDP, the liquid sugar can be pasteurized and filtrated in an energy-saving way.

    INDAG /HD-Conti SDM

    Technical data of the Indag/HD-Conti SDM and the Indag/HD-Conti SDP

    5,000 to 15,000 l/h
    max. 65 °Brix
    Further power levels on inquiry

    Control Options
    Independent unit with operating panel
    Integration into the process control system

    Feeding options for crystal sugar
    Screw conveyor for sack sugar handling
    Screw conveyor for big bag handling
    Sugar silo with screw conveyor

    Direct preheating of dissolving water

    Additionally with the INDAG/HD-Conti SDP


    Plate heat exchanger
    Gentle heating
    Preheating of dissolving water via additional heat recovery

    Redundant fine filtration

    INDAG /HD-Conti SDP

    INDAG /HD-Conti SDP

    INDAG /HD-Conti SDP
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