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    Wilevco's Rotary Atomization Spray Applicator utilizes patented "spinning disc" technology to maximize production yield.

    The Wilevco Spray Applicator enables significantly increased production yields over other application methods because:

    The uniform spray pattern is applied precisely, without the use of air-knives, to each piece across the belt throughout the production run, eliminating over and under coated product.
    The rows of product are never floated through a "puddle" of coating, eliminating "marriages."
    The belt speeds can be increased.
    Coating waste is reduced by at least 50%

    In-Feed End
    With 1-1/2" diameter transfer
    Removable in-feed cover with adjustable end gate to minimize the opening.
    1-1/2" Tri-clamp upper hollow shaft feed manifold
    The Wilevco Rotary Atomization Spray Applicator, utilizing patented unique "spinning disc" technology, delivers the inherent precision of spraying on the coating versus the undesirable inaccuracies of dipping or showering and then, blowing off excess coating.

    Left Side
    Access door to upper spinning disc assemblies
    Motor control cabinet with electrical components
    All stainless conveyor drive featuring a Leeson Premium Duck 1HP TENV AC motor c-face mounted to a SS Grove hollow shaft gearbox
    Wilevco's patented disc design and feed system will handle and spray effectively a range of volume from under 1 gallon per minute to 8 plus gallons per minute per bank of discs. This gives our Spray Applicator immense flexibility in achieving a wide range of application rates (coating weight pickup).

    Operator Side
    Access door to upper spinning disc assemblies
    Lower disc assembly drawer slides out for access to lower spinning disc assemblies. The drawer can also be completely removed.
    Five gallon reservoir with 1-1/2 Tri-clamp sanitary fitting for filling and two-stage filter to removed particulates 1/4" or larger.
    Endress & Hauser Liquiphant level control to maintain satisfactory operating level in the reservoir. Dry contact available to start/stop a pump or open/close a valve (by others).
    Upper and lower spinning disc assembly feed pumps are UNIBLOCK all stainless PD lobe pumps sized to the customers process.  The pumps are variable speed to “dial in” and fine tune your pick-up weights using pump speed.
    Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC and a PanelView C600 HMI Operator Controls.
    Heat option to maintain coatings at production set point.

    Wide range of coating viscosities
    Extraordinarily precise coating control
    No nozzles - no clogging
    Connectivity to plant automation
    Operator, maintenance & sanitation friendly
    Easy clean-up and assembly
    Rugged, sanitary construction
    C.I.P. availability
    Minimizes coating waste

    Flavor added coatings
    Barrier coatings
    Glaze coatings
    Slurries, Oils
    Leavened batters
    Anti-microbial liquids
    Seasoned butter

    Industries Served
    Baking Industry
    Chicken Processing
    Deli Meat
    Fish Processing
    Fruit and Vegetable
    Meat Processing
    Pet Food
    Potato Processing
    Snack Food Industry
    Barrier Coatings such as NutraPure/NutraLean and Nature Seal
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