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    Winpak provides standard hard and soft temper 20 micron and 25 micron push-through blister lidding foils. Also available from Winpak is a broad selection of paper-based and film-based "child-resistant" laminates. In 2009, Winpak purchased the rights to produce and distribute the well-established line of Drug-Pak® and Safety-Pak® brand blister lidding products from Reynolds Packaging. These products are still available from Winpak.

    In addition to these excellent products, Winpak provides a unique and patented non-foil lidding technology called "LT5014 Barrier Paper". This non-foil lidding is an innovative universal sealing, extrusion-coated product that may be further enhanced to provide a fully compostable property. Barrier Paper is designed to seal to nearly all blister films and may be printed in-line with all commercially available printing processes. It can also be flood printed by Winpak to closely resemble foil.

    The universal sealing feature of this innovative blister paper has gained significant interest at pharmaceutical companies searching for alternatives to traditional lacquered foils for host products that have revealed long-term shelf stability without need for barrier packaging components. Additionally, the product provides favorable pricing compared to hard or soft temper lidding foils. Barrier Paper works best on platen-based form-fill-seal packaging machines and has shown excellent adhesion to PVC, PVdC, PS, HIPS, PET, PP, HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, COC, PLA or BOPA bottom web films. All blister lidding products are DMF registered.
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