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    In 2009 Winpak secured the licensing rights from Reynolds Packaging for specific child-resistant blister lidding materials that are produced and marketed by Winpak under the Safety-Pak® Plus product line.

    Winpak Safety-Pak Plus PP Child-Resistant Packaging Safety-Pak® Plus PP (peel-push) technology enhances traditional child-resistant features by providing for a full panel peel without tearing. Ultimately, this provides a more consumer-friendly package, a major plus for the aging population.

    Safety-Pak® Plus PL (peelable) child-resistant lidding material specifications are formulated for packaging fragile pharmaceuticals, liquigels or unique drug delivery medication systems. Winpak Safety-Pak Plus PL Child-Resistant Packaging

    Safety-Pak® Plus LT (lock tight) formulation provides for a sealed package that can only be opened by scissors. Products packaged with this feature include drugs that require an F=1 or better CR rating.

    All three Safety-Pak® Plus structures offer a polyester film on the exterior which provides for enhanced print quality and package appearance. This surface is compatible with solvent or water-based and CSAT inks. Compared to competitive offerings, the Safety-Pak® Plus product line also offers the added benefit of a wider sealing window. Unprinted trial quantities are now available for all three new Winpak Safety-Pak® Plus blister lidding materials.
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