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    Flaking Mill

    Flaking Mills have been designed to produce consistently superior flakes.

    Feature List

    High Flake Quality and Yield

    Precise control of roll heat generated during flaking is achieved with Wolverine-patented rolls designed with multi-spiral grooves. These grooves create turbulent coolant flow around the entire roll circumference at high flow rates. In conjunction with and automatic programmable closed loop recirculated water cooling system, patented rolls control roll surface temperature to within 1.5 °F across a 40" (1016 mm) wide face. Roll heat build up no longer limits capacity. Sticking and flake thickness variation from roll distortion and hot spots are eliminated.

    Automatic Gap Control

    Electro hydraulic servo actuator cylinders with linear displacement transducers automatically position the pivoting roll to the fixed roll to establish the roll gap and to maintain a constant full load nip pressure of 126 tons.

    Operating on a closed loop feedback principle, gap is electronically controlled via PLC providing dynamic position correction to the set point. The system provides a position resolution and repeatability within .0005" (.0127mm). A 2-axis feature allows non-parallel operation of roll gap (if necessary) to compensate for unequal product feed conditions. This feature eliminates the need for any operator roll gap adjustment from startup to full production as well as variables such as operator judgment, production and feed changes, etc. Pre-programming insures the exact settings day after day.

    Feature List

    Heavy, machined steel mill frame is designed for low deflection and vibration.
    Independent fixed speed roll drives or optional AC variable frequency drive package is available. High torque drives are always standard equipment.
    Pneumatically loaded Stellite roll Cleaning Blades. Controlled pre-set pressure adjustment minimizes blade wear.
    Hydraulic power unit can be remotely located.
    Optional high frequency pellet feeder separates and distributes each pellet uniformly for flaking. Frequency of doubles is significantly reduced.
    Preheating conveyor equipped with IR heating elements and stick resistant conveyor designs are available as an option.
    Low cost, hydraulic manual gap control system available.
    Standard through-hardened roll shells permit many regrinds.
    Highest capacity per applied power ratio available.
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