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    Mobrey MSM400 Series Ultrasonic Suspended Solids Monitoring and Control System




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    What if you could...

    Continuously monitor sludge discharge for up to 50% solids?

    Use rugged in-tank mounted 316 stainless steel sensors?

    Have a choice of flanged pipeline sensors for in-line density?

    Detect the blanket level for primary and secondary sludge, and industrial slurries?
    The Mobrey MSM400 Series:

    Can continuously monitor the suspended solids or sludge density contained in, or flowing from, a clarifier or settlement tank during de-sludging

    Forms a measurement and control solution when used with a
    Mobrey tank-mountable stainless steel gap sensor or
    Mobrey flanged pipe-section with built-in stainless steel gap sensor

    Is available as two different versions:
    Mobrey MSM400 control unit with a 1 MHz / 3.3 MHz sensor)
    Mobrey MSM401/S1 control unit with a 3.7 MHz sensor

    Gives a bright and clear indication of the measured value in poor light conditions

    Provides a 0/4–20 mA and HART output signal of the measured value

    Has a tough weatherproof wall-mountable enclosure

    Provides inputs and outputs for connecting to systems
    (see the Specifications tab or product data sheet for details)

    Features & Benefits
    Control unit

    A back-lit display, giving a bright and clear indication of the calculated process value and the status of all inputs and outputs

    A six-button keypad and a menu system for local application configuration

    Remote application configuration and monitoring is supported using a Field Communicator or a smart wireless THUM™ adapter

    Accepts a voltage-free contact closure input that can perform various control actions

    Two SPDT (single-pole-double-throw) relays for control and alarm indication purposes

    Provides the automatic control sequence to start a pump or control a valve for sludge or settled product removal

    Auto-selection of AC or DC power supply, allowing back-up if one power supply fails

    Gap sensors

    Standard 1 / 3.3 MHz dual-operating-frequency gap sensor for MSM400 control unit. Options for tank-mountable or pipe-section version

    Special 3.7 MHz stainless steel gap sensor for MSM401/S1 control unit, tank-mountable only. Specially designed for Red Mud decanters that are used in the production of aluminium oxide from Bauxite(please contact an Emerson Process Management representative for additional information)

    Intrinsically safe approvals for standard 1 / 3.3 MHz gap sensor


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