CKAN- P&E Flow Technology Co.,Ltd
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Shacheng industry park, Longwan District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
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Company Description

CKAN is a brand focus on sanitary valves, belongs to P&E Flow Technology Company. CKAN understanding various valve parts, components. Study the possibility of technological innovation, committed to make the valve more accurately.
CKAN Product Line includes Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Sampling Valves, Vacuum Valve and Tank Bottom Valve. With long-term experience in manufacture and international trade, CKAN integrated and developed innovative product series, cope with the complex world economic situation.

Mr. Chen and Mr. Xiang are outstanding young entrepreneurs from southern China, with their prior trade experience about sanitary fittings, they hoping to expand business to the sanitary valve field. However, the valve is a different type from other products, unlike the sanitary pipe fittings which are standardization manufacturing oriented, neither like manhole cover, emphasis on customization. This is an area that have space for technical improvement. Valve operation is relatively complex, it may cause leakage, affect the seal. Besides, unstable quality, stereotyped operation and other problems have been perplexed users, resulting in large losses, leading to unnecessary pollution and waste.

CKAN is not only to provide sanitary valves itself for the market in the future, we want to offer more technical services, providing customers with accurate data analysis.

Equipment and Plant

CKAN have 3 manufacturing plants, respectively responsible for butterfly valve, ball valve and check valve production. At the same time there are 33 sets of precision CNC equipment, including LGMAZAK brand equipment, automated drilling equipment (independent research and development), efficient assemble equipment (independent research and development), etc.
CKAN plant adopt BV ISO9001 quality control system, strictly control the quality of raw materials, refined the process of manufacture and supervision, with quantitative analysis. Using the 5S enterprise management as the fundamental standards to guide the work, in order to create a unified corporate identification, saving cost, on-time delivery, safety production, and to make the plant more neatly.